Monday, 11 August 2014


Well hi there again I'm glad to say I'm back - lots of exciting things have been going on in the background and lots of exciting news to share - the biggest being that I've finally taken a big step towards a major reshuffle as far as my work life goes - I've resigned from my job and am hoping to spend lots more time on my creative business in the very near future, I've been thinking about it for a while but something was holding me back, and I think it was fear of the unknown, and the fear of giving up my financial security. My husband has been very supportive of my decision, work have been fantastic and very understanding and I'm starting to feel the stirrings of excitement and possibility rather than the sheer panic I felt when I first decided what I was going to do. It was very 'un-me' thing to do as I normally think decisions like this through to the nth degree but this time i just went with my gut feeling and did it!!!

Secondly I have lots planned for the rest of the year. Whilst I haven't planned any Christmas selling events I will be launching my new website and shop in September, celebrating with a weekly giveaway each week during that month. Then I'm holding a big Facebook sale in October (watch out for some amazing bargains) and an Open Studio in November. So I think that the rest of the year is going to be busy but I'm feeling in a place now where I have recovered my enthusiasm and drive so sky's the limit now, who knows what is around the corner. Someone said to me this week 'leap and the net will appear' and that has already been proved to me in this last week. 

I think now I just need to pace myself, and having said goodbye to some of my daily stresses I think I will be much more equipped to approach my creative work with a more balanced and consistent state of mind. Hurray, let good time roll!!


  1. Such a big decision....but congratulations! Having seen your work, and reading your's time!

  2. Congratulations on taking the plunge Sue and good luck now that you have 'leapt and the net has appeared'

  3. Great news Sue! 'Leap and the net will appear' I posted a similar thing a few days ago on my blog You have probably seen the video but it will hopefully remind you that you are doing the right thing :-)
    Jenny x

  4. Great news Sue, I did it and haven't looked back! Sure you'll be exactly the same x

  5. Brilliant news Sue, I did it & have days of flying floating & falling but am not regretting trying


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